K06 Gamera vs. Gaos

(1967, Children-Rubber Monster, color)

I say Gay-os and you say Gah-os; let’s call the whole thing off.

Rating: *


More Gamera! Another shrill boy-child in short shorts! Introducing the light-sensitive, laser-spitting bat-thing with armpit smoke! Includes an irrelevant subplot about imminent domain as it relates to road construction. Also shown in Episode 308.


I wish I could emit toxic pink armpit smoke.Crow’s still a Christmas tree, but Tom comes back into the theater, where he’s been sorely missed. The host segments still consist mainly of phone message playback, but an important segment involves Joel forcing Tom past puberty. Tom spends the rest of the episode reveling in his new “mighty voice,” (i.e., normal human speaking voice); it’s a welcome change from his customary Kermit the Frog impression. You can hear the improvised nature of the commentary during the film segments in this episode especially as Tom constantly cuts off Joel, and Joel sometimes slips and calls Tom by his puppeteer’s name, Josh.