K07 Gamera vs. Zigra

(1971, Children-Rubber Monster, color)

Gamera is the friend of all children.

Rating: *1/2


The benevolent turtle monster battles an evil robotic swordfish to determine the fate of all mankind. Includes not one, but two shrill monster child protagonists, a long-ish argument regarding the relative fish needs of humans versus those of aquatic mammals, and a hot lady astronaut in a bikini. Also shown in Episode 316.


A face only a child could love.Crow thaws out before the movie begins; his presence is welcome back in the theater. The commentary as a whole doesn’t seem as obtrusive as it is in other episodes, or maybe it’s just the powerful goofiness of this particular Gamera movie overwhelming the sparse, extemporized mockery of the KTMA Season. The Mads make their first appearance in the run of the show. Quoth Dr. Forrester, “We’ve just heard the Russians have already launched their own comedian into space.” Apparently originally aired around New Year’s Eve, as Joel and his robotic companions pause to make wishes for the coming New Year. Tom wants good thoughts and good gumballs. Joel wants world peace and a photon torpedo.