K10 Cosmic Princess

(1976, SciFi-Television, color)

It’s the land of Dairy Queen.

Rating: *


Two consecutive episodes of the generic Star Trek knock-off, Space: 1999. The first episode involves a race of wobbly-eyebrowed pacifist aliens that suck the brains out of unsuspecting explorers to power their organic computer. The second relates the delirious shapeshifting misadventures of that race’s only surviving princess. Contains more worry-contorted faces per second than any other television show in its class. Martin Landau stars as Captain of the Moon.


I have no idea what this is, so it's pretty much representative of the entire alien planet.There’s plenty to mock about this movie. Star Trek cannot be considered a paragon of subtlety, but at least it’s competent and (for the time it aired) original. I don’t mind a cliché so long as it’s done well, but this… Ah well. It’s stupid and silly and the Satellite Crew seems to have fun with it. The commentary is pretty unobtrusive, actually. The Mads start off this episode with what I believe is their first invention, the No-D glasses. “I see only length,” says Dr. Erhardt. It seems to have been made and shown around the Superbowl, as many of the host segments mention it. (At one point, Crow catches a football in his lacrosse-net head.) This is the second consecutive episode (at least that I’ve noticed) to contain product placement for the local restaurant Pizza and Pasta.