K11 Humanoid Woman

(1981, SciFi, color)

I feel a Eurythmics video coming on.

Rating: *1/2


Being the adventures of a superhuman Annie Lennox clone from outer space. Thrill as she spends the first half of the movie sitting around the house. Yawn as she spends the second half defending a ruined planet from a conspiracy of evil men with tiny, off-center goatees. Eventually, the plot collapses into a mass of semi-sentient gray goo. The last few seconds encapsulate an alien romance, of sorts.


Sweet dreams are made of these...Ah, the Eastern European science fiction art film: a top contender for the title of “Most Boring Genre Ever Conceived.” A sad, slow, patience-testing piece of cinema, but the commentary made me laugh, especially during the inexplicable hands-in-the-ooze scene when Tom says, “I knead you.” The host segments get a little more focused with specific gags like the endless game of tag, Servo coming on to a blender (repeated in Episode 103), and an upside down tribute to Salvador Dali.