K14 Mighty Jack

(1968, SciFi-Television/Spies, color)

What we need are some plot-seeking missiles.

Rating: 1/2*


The heroic crew of a submersible airplane (or is it a flying submarine?) saves the world from a sinister, cat-loving German and his secret weapon: room-temperature ice. Don’t let this relatively lucid one-sentence summary mislead you, though. For my money, this is the most luridly nonsensical movie ever featured on MST3K. An even more incomprehensibly edited version will be featured in Episode 314.


That's all the explanation we're going to get. Recipe for Mighty Jack: Take one twenty-six-episode Japanese television show. Throw away episodes two through twenty-five. Mix well and view. The KTMA satellite crew usually does well with episodes that have lots of action but little dialogue, but this film’s confusing qualities tend to drown out most of the humor. Sometimes Joel takes a break from riffing on the film to promote the show’s newly formed fan club. Some self-aware but funny bits hark back to the episodes Crow spent as a Christmas tree, when he finds the freezing scenes too disturbing to watch. The host segments include Gypsy, Crow and Tom all welding themselves together, Dr. Erhardt as a domestic goddess, and a discussion about recreation that they repeat almost word-for-word in Episode 106.