K17 Time of the Apes

(1987, SciFi-Television, color)

Tall and hunched and young and hairy, the girl from ape-inema…

Rating: 1/2*


Never put top-secret monkey-freezing equipment next to an active volcano, because if both those suckers go off at once, you might get hurled far into the anthropomorphic ape-infested future with your cousin and your uncle’s laboratory assistant. Little Johnny learns this, to his sorrow. Several tons of latex and fake hair later, our intrepid explorers return to the present, largely thanks to the miscalculations of a homicidal computer in a flying saucer. Repetitive, unintelligible, and bizarre; a less lucid version will be shown in Episode 306.


His name is 'The District Manager', causing me to wonder, Is his first name 'The', or does 'The District' count as a single name?Recipe for Time of the Apes: Take one twenty-six-episode Japanese TV show. Separate all the repeated elements from the elements that explain why they repeat. Throw away the latter, mix what remains, and view. There’s no Joel in this episode; the ‘Bots eventually determine that he’s floating naked in the vacuum of space. I missed him in the host segments (my favorite of which shows pre-taped footage of him in a reality-bending sketch reminiscent of one they’ll do in Episode 511), but the film segments seem to go well enough without him.