K18 The Million Eyes of Sumaru

(1967, Action-Spies, color)

I like a movie with lots of midriff.

Rating: *1/2


Sumaru is a twenty-something supermodel mad scientist nymphomaniac sociopath, and apparently she’s free on Saturday nights. So what does she do? Gather a few dozen like-minded girlfriends and try to take over the world, of course. Now if only the boys the CIA keeps sending to stop her weren’t so darn cute… Co-stars Frankie Avalon as the sweetest little secret agent ever.


One of many movies to propose that all a woman really needs is to get laid.The Million Eyes of Sumaru is notable for two reasons. First, the presence of Frankie Avalon means we’ll forgo the suave charm that every other spy movie at least attempts in favor of beach party wisecracks all the way through. Second, though it shows less, it implies more sex than any other spy movie I’ve ever seen. I was amazed those boys weren’t dead from overexertion by the end. Joel is back for this episode, and explains his survival of the vacuum of space with a little folk song that repeats the “If you’re wondering how he eats and breathes…” line from the theme song. Actually the host segments on this one are my favorites of the KTMA season, especially the stream-of-consciousness courtroom sketch. “How’s it hanging, Judge?”