K19 Hangar 18

(1980, SciFi, color)

[It’s the] greatest thing since sliced computer.

Rating: *


It’s astronauts versus politicians in a battle to the death…or something. Basically, a routine NASA mission goes wrong when a UFO crashes into a nearby satellite. A Washington underling decides to cover it up by blaming the astronauts for the mission’s failure. This offhand political decision quickly snowballs into greater and greater cover-ups, culminating in a grand explosion designed to wipe the astronauts and evidence of the benign extraterrestrial technology off the map.


Bounce house from outer space.Actually, this movie isn’t half-bad. It was made for the big screen, but low-budget effects and television actors give it that distinctive Made-for-TV flavor, especially at first. A few technical glitches and leaps of logic mar the production as well, but otherwise it’s a competent and occasionally suspenseful conspiracy thriller. There’s no opening segment; Joel just shouts the movie’s title and runs into the theater. Most of the rest of the host segments center on Joel accessing Crow’s memory to erase old Punky Brewster reruns and other late night television staples. The best bit is Crow’s earliest memories where we learn that his name is an acronym for Cybernetic Remotely Operated Woman. It's just a joke, though. He’s actually a hermaphrobot.