K20 The Last Chase

(1981, SciFi-Postapocalyptic/Television, color)

I like a police car you can outrun.

Rating: 1/2*


In the plague-decimated dystopian future (2007, or some such year) most of the former United States is ruled by the totalitarian Department of Transportation. Its offenses are many and vague; mostly they involve the Orwellian monitoring of the remaining population and illegalization of automobiles. Will we allow them to invade our privacy and violate our basic right to personal high-speed conveyances? Not if ex-racecar driver Franklyn Hart (Lee Majors) can help it. With the help of his nerdy teen sidekick, he builds a high-performance car and races cross-country to the promised land of vehicular freedom (i.e., California). Burgess Meredith costars as a less than sane and not entirely villainous kamikaze fighter pilot.


One of many.The host segments start with Dr. Forrester attempting a cold fusion reaction in Dr. Erhardt’s mouth, continue with Joel explaining the concept of a conscience to the ‘Bots (con-science, like a quack scientist), and end with the reading of several fan letters. As for the movie, well, it’s long and mostly empty. Basically, two guys drive across the continent while a bunch of other guys try to stop them; there’s not much more to it than that. As in most movies of this sort, no one even attempts to explain where the road warriors of the postapocalyptic future stop for gas.