Season Seven: There Will Be Blood, Implied and Otherwise*

701 Night of the Blood Beast
with Once Upon a Honeymoon

701 TD Night of the Blood Beast
with Once Upon a Honeymoon

702 The Brute Man
with The Chicken of Tomorrow

703 Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell

704 The Incredible Melting Man

705 Escape 2000

706 Laserblast

Season Seven was the end, or so we all thought at the time. A six-episode season is usually the death knell for any show, and it spelled doom for the show’s run on Comedy Central. Staying true to their goofy SciFi roots, Mike and the ‘Bots ditch the Satellite of Love at the edge of the universe to become pure energy. Dr. Forrester is reborn as a star baby only to be snatched up again by his mother, Pearl, the very woman who probably damaged him into being the way he is in the first place.

Cast-wise, Mary Jo Pehl as Pearl Forrester marks a significant shift in the tone of the show. It’s the first time they’ve introduced a genuinely frightening villain. Once they move on to the SciFi channel, she’ll be in charge, and there’ll be a whole different dynamic between the tormentor and her test subjects.

If I had to sum this season up in three words, they would be “short but fun.” As far as the films go, getting only six might actually have been a good thing. At the end of Season Six, it certainly seemed like they were running out of mockable films. I gave half the episodes (Night of the Blood Beast, Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell, and Escape 2000) very high ratings. Deathstalker is one of my top ten. The Incredible Melting Man is very well mocked, but loses a full star for ickiness. Laserblast and The Brute Man are about average. For the first time ever, that leaves nothing for the “slow and painful” category.

*All films depicted include a horrible, murderous rampage of some kind.