K01 Invaders from the Deep

(1981, Scifi, color)

It’s Lettuce-face!

Rating: **


A spliced-together compilation of episodes from the scifi puppet show Stingray.  Various undersea races don’t like surface dwellers, but intrepid submarine captain Troy Tempest thwarts their every attempt to destroy us, despite the idiocy of his bumbling best pal Phones, and the constant kidnapping of his beautiful amphibian pal Marina. 


Is that a flat-top or the aftermath of an overenthusiastic scalping?Joel starts off with “Our movie this time is…” despite there having been no previous times.  The entire opening credits roll before anyone enters the theater to riff, and when they finally do, it’s just Joel.  He mostly watches along with us, making the occasional (like, every two to five minutes) obvious comment.  Eventually Crow joins him and the commentary picks up a little, but not much.  You can tell they’re going out of their way not to talk over the movie.  How times have changed.

Speaking of the movie, it’s a stupid kid’s show from the sixties, along with all that entails—overly simple plots, dumb characters, useless and literally mute female character, angry militaristic communists fish-men.  If you can swallow all that, though, this show is amazing.  The puppets are wonderfully detailed and engagingly performed.  Every episode, er, section of the movie bends toward the bizarre. For his first heroic act, Troy blows up a house with a rubber duck.  Glorious.