K04 Gamera vs. Barugon

(1966, Rubber Monster, color)

What’s the blue book value of a giant opal?

Rating: *


Lots of the dog-lizard monster Barugon, but very little of the eponymous turtle monster. Thankfully, it bends the usual Gamera mold by featuring a beautiful native girl instead of an eight-year-old boy in hot pants. Also shown in Episode 304.


...but mostly just Barugon.As Servo, Josh Weinstein sounds like he’s consciously trying to do an impression of Kermit the Frog, though sometimes he slips into Dudley Do-Right. As Crow, Trace Beaulieu sounds more normal, though he still has a touch of Funny Robot Voice Syndrome. Though referred to as “she,” Gypsy sounds more cartoon bear-ish than female. Puppetry is awkward all around. The host segments mostly feature answering machine messages from viewers of the first three episodes. One of the last callers mispronounces “slapstick” as “chapstick;” the Satellite Crew harps on this slip for the entire third quarter of the show, to amusing effect. Crow steals the show from then on with several fun tirades about facial orifices, pirates, and doggie-doo.