K05 Gamera

(1965, Rubber Monster, b&w)

You will believe a giant mutated turtle can fly.

Rating: *


The Secret Origin of Gamera Revealed! The eponymous turtle monster performs one good deed early in the film; its beneficiary (loathsome monster child Kenny) uses it as an excuse to shrill, “Gamera is good!” ad nauseum while the giant rubber terrapin slaughters his countrymen by the tens of millions. Also shown in Episode 302.


Joel looks so lonely.Joel spends this episode in the theater by himself, Crow having been put into suspended animation and decorated like a Christmas tree. The commentary starts off extremely slow, and never gets up to the same speed he generally attains when hurling out commentary with companions. He seems to warm up about a third of the way in, though, with several good jokes at Kenny’s expense. Tom attends the host segments, but not the film segments for some reason. Gypsy’s voice is clearly a man inhaling while he speaks; Joel keeps cracking up over it during the host segments. The best host segment is Tom and Joel as referees, scrutinizing a replay of a key monster fight from the last episode.