K09 Phase IV

(1974, SciFi/Horror, color)

Do [ants] cry compound tears?

Rating: *1/2


Two scientists and their jailbait foundling run tests on hyperintelligent ants, only to discover the ants are actually running tests on them. Slow and deliberate (read: tedious), this eccentric little piece of seventies pretentiousness features sweaty men with fabulous disco hair turning dials, interposed with a bug’s-eye view of a sinister anthill. At the end, it is heavily implied that ant/human hybrids will inherit the earth.


Formicid Moai heads.This is the best episode so far for riffing. There’s always something happening, though there’s very little dialogue; this allows the Satellite crew plenty of time to think up and execute jokes. At the beginning we discover that the Mads sent Joel into space by using up a grant meant for wild rice. (Specifically, to reduce the expectorant-inducing qualities of same.) They sell Joel’s car to make up the difference. Also included is a discussion about Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. The third law is, “Give a hoot; don’t pollute.”