K12 Fugitive Alien

(1986, SciFi/Television, color)

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You’re stuck here!

Rating: *


A disconcerting number of people named Ken populate this movie. One of them (our preternaturally strong hero) falls out with his evil alien overlords and becomes the subject of a galaxy-wide manhunt. An alcoholic starship captain recruits him to help save a planet of Japanese Arabs from a hostile planet of Japanese Nazis. This halfhearted plotline gives out well before its natural conclusion, leaving us with the promise of a halfhearted sequel. Also shown in Episode 310.


Do cinematic Japanese women ever do anything other than pine?Dr. Erhardt starts this episode off by chatting via telephone with a distant Dr. Forrester, trying to explain the concept of drag queens. Meanwhile, Tom pretends not to remember Crow; when pressed, he produces his robot cohort…in pieces. All of this to indicate that Trace Beaulieu (the actor/writer responsible for Dr. Forrester and the voice of Crow) is absent again this week. Once again, the team is unbalanced without him. This is a shame, as this is one of the goofiest movies they’ve ever done and could have been hilarious with a full cast. Other host segments include a discussion about Tip O’Neal as the possible alter ego for Fred Flintstone, and a brief dance competition in the style of American Bandstand. Gypsy wins, though she did not participate.