Rifftrax 000.1-008

R000.1 Plan 9 From Outer Space

R000.2 Night of the Living Dead

R001 Road House

R002 The Fifth Element

R003 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

R004 Cocktail

R005 xXx

R006 Crossroads

R007 X-Men

R008 Top Gun

Here we have the first chunk of Rifftrax, arbitrarily separated into groups of ten. Rifftrax, of course, are audio tracks made by Mike Nelson (and a guest commentator, usually Kevin Murphy) that can be synchronized to an existing DVD... Well, I'll just let them explain it.

You can hear Mike Nelson finding his groove at first, especially with the first two proto-Rifftrax, which are half mockery and half straight film commentary. As the first official Rifftrax, Road House tilts further towards mockery, and with The Fifth Element (my personal favorite from the first ten) he goes all the way for mockery and never looks back.

X-Men is my other favorite from this section, with xXx not far behind. Most of the rest are worth watching, though, with the exception of Night of the Living Dead, which wasn't inherently funny as a film and didn't have enough mockery in the commentary, and Cocktail, whose funny commentary wasn't enough to make me not hate it with an unrelenting passion.