The Film Crew Guide

Please allow me to introduce you to The Film Crew. Or rather, don't, because if you're a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and/or its internet offspring Rifftrax, then you already know them. The premise is simple: Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett now work in a basement for a clueless bon vivant named Bob Honcho, who has burdened them with the heavy task of providing commentary tracks for every movie that doesn't currently have one. In practice, this means that many ancient, public domain films somehow missed by Mystery Science Theater will be released on DVD accompanied by the mockery they desperately deserve.

First up is Hollywood After Dark, during which I spent at least a quarter of the running time averting my eyes. Second is Killers from Space, the makers of which apparently thought that ping pong balls are the scariest things ever. The third is The Wild Women of Wongo, a cautionary tale that details the dangers of dating outside one's attractiveness bracket, while Giant of Marathon is pretty much just an excuse to look at breasts. Big, oily, heaving man-breasts.

Sadly, this project is now defunct, partly because of the long gap between filming and release, and partly from backroom maneuvering among the publishers. Mike, Bill and Kevin have since moved on to Rifftrax. Go give that a look-see, why don't you?

FC001 Hollywood After Dark
FC002 Killers From Space
FC003 The Wild Women of Wongo
FC004 Giant of Marathon