Rifftrax 029-038

R029 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

R030 Casino Royale

R031 Eragon

R032 Glitter

R033 Predator

R034 Grey's Anatomy

R035 Fantastic Four

R036 Star Trek: Generations

R037 300

R038 The Bourne Identity

The previous chunk of Rifftrax may have had the first non-standard commentor, but this chunk has a plethora of them. Neil Patrick Harris for Willy Wonka. Mary Jo Pehl for Glitter. Bridget Nelson for Grey's Anatomy. (Mary Jo is my favorite of these, as she's the only one who acts like she likes to see bad movies.) The best thing about this sections selection? Half of these movies are actually good. Willy Wonka and Predator are classics of their genres; Casino Royale, 300, and The Bourne Identity are too recent to be considered classics, but twenty-five years from now, they will be. The even better thing about this section? Most of the bad ones are a goofy, laughable sort of bad, while the only truly awful film (Glitter) is saved by the able commentary. I can't say I loved every film shown, but I at least liked all of them.