Throw Me the Idol and I'll Throw You the Whip!

Welcome, won't you?

Two days of viewing, and I'm still not done with Episode III. Part of this has to do with limited viewing time and part of it's because George Lucas' idea of action is to have his main characters stand in a hallway and discuss politics for an hour. I've been watching just enough to chuckle at the commentary, and then I stop before I get to the point where the story makes me want to rip my eyes from their sockets.

Thankfully, next week's rifftrax is something I won't mind watching all in one sitting. On Tuesday, October second, Mike, Bill, and Kevin will do their best to enhance the viewing of Raiders of the Lost Ark, a relic from the ancient days when Lucasfilm still produced good movies. The Rifftrax crew is on a roll, it seems, as the next rifftrax after that will be announced on Wednesday October third.