Cartoon001: Reel Livin’

(2007, Comedy/Animation/Short, color)

Rating: *


[Insert unironic pro-kayak blather here.]Crow finds a large, fish-stocked lake on the Satellite of Love, and decides to go kayaking. He enthuses about his kayak at length until Servo overturns it with his jet ski. Gypsy pops up at the end with a non sequitur punchline.


As much as I want to like anything that stars my beloved 'Bots, this cartoon is just not funny. It doesn’t look like it’s even trying to be funny. It does not, in fact, contain any jokes. When this project got announced, I wondered whether they were going to do something host segment-style or riff an old short. Now I know that the answer is, “neither.” The ‘Bots are just going to talk to us and each other about nothing in particular.