Cartoon002 Feels Like

(2007, Comedy/Animation/Short, color)

Rating: *


Um, yeah.  Why did you continue speaking, anyway?Gypsy checks the outdoor temperature, which is 260 degrees below, but feels like 265. Tom notes how true this is, and relates a vast number of things that are one thing, but feel like something else. Gypsy gets tired of this, and asks him to stop. Tom notes that being asked to stop feels like she's saying, “It wasn’t funny to begin with, and it certainly hasn’t gotten any funnier as you’ve continued speaking.”


Tom's parting shot (quoted above) is sadly apropos to the cartoon series thus far. With nowhere to go but up, the 'Bots second animated adventure improves with exactly one joke, recognizable as such because this time the punchline matches the setup. It might even have been a reasonably amusing joke, except that they ruined the timing by stretching it out too long, and diluted it with all kinds of irrelevant musing in the middle.