MST3K.com Guide

Robots of the future riffing the mousepads of the past.Update 6/6/08:

The ill-fated cartoons described below are now dead, their site of origin swept clean of their remains. Their creators have now more than atoned for their sins by filling the space with a lively and easily navigable site filled with material from the classic show.

Go and visit the new
MST3K.com here, or read my write-up on the subject here.

Now that Best Brains has stopped producing original content there is, of course, nothing further to review. The guide below refers only to the now-defunct Version One of MST3K.com and should be taken purely as a point of historical reference.

Update 5/2/08:

The MST3K.com website appears to have been deleted, and now points to a "Pardon Our Dust" page that promises a new site in June 2008. The store is still functional.

Some years after the show’s demise, Mystery Science Theater 3000 producer and rights holder Jim Mallon decided to cash in on the show’s continued popularity with a series of online cartoon adventures featuring our friends the ‘Bots. Oh, and there’s some old host segments on there too. You can visit the store while you're there, but the videos are relatively expensive compared to other online stores. The "Legacy Merchandise" sections are cool, though.

As for the cartoons themselves, I like the new ‘Bot designs and animation style. It looks clean and bright and fluid, despite every evidence of having been made on the cheap. Servo is now voiced by James Moore, a man I’d never heard of until now, but sounds a great deal like Josh Weinstein back when he performed the role. Crow is former MST3K writer Paul Chaplin, who sounds nothing like former Crows Bill Corbett or Trace Beaulieu, but manages to convey the personality quite adequately. Gypsy is voiced by Jim Mallon, and sounds like her former self simply because she’s played by the same person. These are the things they got right. Unfortunately, they seem to have gotten everything else wrong. Fan outcry to this effect appears to have killed the project, as nothing outside of the store has been updated in quite some time.


Cartoon001 Reel Livin'
Cartoon002 Feels Like
Cartoon003 Thanksgiving Clown
Cartoon004 Solitaire

List of Featured "Legacy Videos" (i.e. old host segments)