Nicolas Cage Fans of the World, Rejoice...While the Rest of Us Cringe in Horror

Welcome, won't you?

The announcement is in: Next Tuesday (October 16, 2007), Rifftrax will reenter the chilled and murky waters of what people still laughingly refer to as "Nicolas Cage's Career" with a commentary track for the nonsensical precognitive thriller, Next. The guest riffer will be Bridget Nelson.

In other news, I have obtained both the Spiderman Rifftrax and a copy of the DVD, and will be viewing them together shortly. Expect a review by early next week.

In news other than the other news previously announced, announcement of the the date of the next new Rifftrax announcement has not yet been announced. (i.e. We don't know what will come after Next, and we don't know when we will know it.)