Corrections and Updates

Welcome, won't you?

First: Yesterday I reported that the MST3K.com store was not yet in place. Further investigation of the site reveals that this is not the case; a somewhat underwhelming but perfectly functional store launched along with the rest of the site as promised. (The MST3K.com Guide has been appropriately updated.) Turns out that the link to the store is in the bottom left corner of the main page, which centers on a 1024 x 768 graphic that cannot be scrolled. If your browser window is smaller than that, you won't see it. Can you say "major design flaw?"

Second: The Rifftrax site is once again armed and fully operational. Also, the title of the next film to receive Rifftrax treatment will be announced on Friday, November 9, 2007. Hooray!

Third: My copy of the final (for now) Film Crew DVD Giant of Marathon has finally arrived. Expect a review within the next week or so.

Fourth: The sidebars, links, and format problems have all been tidied up, so the site now looks more or less like it's supposed to. Update 11/7/07: I figured the sidebar thing out. Thanks Flooble!