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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Guide

Welcome, won't you?

Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Satellite of Love. Its continuing mission—to watch bad cinema while making snarky comments at the space. To boldly expose me to movies I never would have even considered watching otherwise.

During the nineties, did you ever flip past something on basic cable where silhouettes of robots wouldn’t shut up during an old movie? That was this show. Mystery Science Theater 3000 ran from 1988 to 1999, first on Minnesota local access channel KTMA, then on the various iterations of Comedy Central, and finally on the SciFi Channel. There were some intrigues, skits, and a few half-hearted attempts at plot among the show’s hosts/robots/characters, but these are pretty much window dressing for the above-described premise—to make fun of the awful cinema of the past.

You still want to know about the show’s characters? Check out my handy cast list.

And now, the Episode Guide:

The KTMA Episodes
Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven
Season Eight
Season Nine
Season Ten
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, featuring This Island Earth

Assignment: Venezuela, riffed for the never-released MST3K: The Home Game