"Name of Film Omitted"

Welcome, won't you?

Joel has posted again. Twice.

First off, he still loves us. Well, we still love him too.

More substantially, he confirms the release date of the first Cinematic Titanic release as December 10, 2007, and goes on to list a plethora of formats in which this release will be available. These include streaming, ipod, and various downloadable DVD formats. Also, anyone on their email list will be given a chance to download a free holiday-themed short film shortly after the first release. Sounds like a good deal, so if you haven't already, head down to their site and sign up.

The second post is an interview with Josh "J. Elvis" Weinstein, with some carefully worded insight into the early days of MST3K.

In non-Cinematic Titanic news: the MST3K.com store now includes "Legacy Merchandise", i.e. merchandise that pertains to the original show. Is Mr. Mallon finally figuring out what the fans really want? Let's hope so.