Cartoon004 Solitaire

(2007, Comedy/Animation/Short, color)

Rating: *1/2


Why is it that Crow's arms work now, but Tom's don't?Tom looks over Crow's shoulder during a game of Solitaire, making suggestions and comments. This irritates Crow into leaving. Quoth he, "It's called solitaire for a reason!" Tom tries to continue the game on his own, but his non-functional arms prevent him. An affort to move the cards with his mind eventually makes his head explode.


Wow, two whole jokes in this one! "It's called solitaire for a reason" is kind of amusing, and so is Tom's head explosion. Unfortunately, the brief moments of funny still mired in flat, uninspired musing. Still, it's the first cartoon in the series that merely kind of sucks, instead of sucking badly, or just sucking.