ETL 104 Finally, Someone Tall

(2001, Comedy/Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery/Animation, color)

Edward: Why did you capture us, anyway?
Noble One: Yes, we are noble, aren't we?
Edward: Um, I asked why you captured us.
Noble One: Ah, yes, I'll tell you how we became so noble.

Rating: ****

Summary (from the original episode list at SciFi.com):

Yes, we are noble, aren't we?
Captured by a race of tall, handsome, proud people, Edward is joined in his quest by the Noble One, who, let's face it, isn't nearly so noble as he thinks he is.


One of my favorite episodes of the series introduces, appropriately enough, my favorite character of the series--the craven, cowardly, and underhanded Noble One, whose sole criteria for judging an act's nobility is whether or not he did it. Another favorite line from this episode: "Are you going to fulfill your destiny or do I have to shoot you in the leg?"