ETL 106 Riders on the Bus

(2001, Comedy/Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery/Animation, color)

Let loose the fury of your clutch and drive!

Rating: ***1/2

Summary (from the original episode list at SciFi.com):

The Noble One abandons our heroes at the first sign of danger.
Edward and Soapy are captured by the Bus Riders, while the Noble One acts cravenly and cowardly, but in a noble kind of way.


Edward and Soapy's first encounter with the dreaded Bus Riders, evil servants of the Dark Person. Their escape represents the first and last time the Noble One is ever anything other than a hindrance to the quest. My second favorite exchange:
Soapy--"So you shooting me in the leg was actually a brave act? Oh, thank you, Noble One!"
Noble One--"I would gladly do it again."