ETL 109 The Lair of the Lorekeeper: Collector's Edition

(2001, Comedy/Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery/Animation, color)

I know more about lore than anyone. I have a huge presence in the lore community.

Rating: ***

Summary (from the original episode list at SciFi.com):

Only a total loser would spend so much time going over the minutiae of an imaginary...world...  Wait...
Having lost Soapy to the none-too-bright Bus Riders, Edward and the Noble One finally get to meet the Lore Keeper, a major geek.


This episode features The Lorekeeper, a poorly dressed, unkempt sort of person who revels not in the knowing of lore, but in knowing more lore than others. The Noble One, of course, continues to be noble in the most selfish and cowardly way possible, which is always good for a laugh.