ETL 112 Many Minutes

(2001, Comedy/Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery/Animation, color)

...Bombolink rejected the notion of imminent domain with a song from the early second age...

Rating: ****

Summary (from the original episode list at SciFi.com):

Edward is clearly looking everywhere for his captive friend Soapy.
Finally back on track, Edward, Ariadrina and the Noble One call on the Council of Yathnor for help but don't really get any.


Hands down my favorite episode, this episode wedges in every Lord of the Rings character that didn't fit into the rest of the parody. Reminiscent of the Council of Elrond, only they boil all the portentous drama-laden speeches down into mind-numbing bureaucracy. Watch Edward try to get things back on track at the end with cries of "Doomed! Doom├ęd!"