ETL 113 Of Course You Realize This Means War

(2001, Comedy/Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery/Animation, color)

Blorik risk truncation in interest of terseness...

Rating: ***1/2

Summary (from the original episode list at SciFi.com):

The Buddyship of the Token faces down the forces of evil.
Edward and all his friends run into the Army of the Dark Person and wish they hadn't. A surprise cliffhanger leaves everyone bewildered.


A few great lines by Blorik the Grunt here; too bad he didn't show up earlier in the show. Soapy returns with some wonderful lines of his own--"Now you'll be painting another kind of kitchen, in Hell!" which, as Edward hastens to point out, doesn't mean anything. Plus, Edward finally gives the Noble One a taste of his own medicine. I'd spoil the ending for you, but, true to the book of which this series is a parody, there isn't one.