"Gradual Approacher of Worlds."

Welcome, won't you?

Rifftrax is in the news again with a new Video On Demand short so obscure, it doesn't even have an imdb.com entry. Download A Visit to Santa now for only $0.99. I'll try it out tonight and post a review within the next couple of days.

And speaking of reviews, did you know that a quartet of smarmy, childish cretins is the only thing that stands between Earth and extraterrestrial cloud-induced annihilation? If Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer wasn't just a fantasy, we'd all be so screwed right now. (Read the review here.)

Also, an important date is fast approaching. Yes, soon we'll reach the two-week anniversary of Cinematic Titanic's first missed release date. How are you planning to celebrate?