K21 Legend of the Dinosaur

(1977, Horror-Giant Critter, color)

The next ten pages of the script is grunting.

Rating: *


A paternally conflicted geologist and his underwater photographer girlfriend hunt for plesiosaurs in a Japanese lake. Several stolen plot points later (including local officials more concerned about tourism than public safety, a hoax at the height of the season, and several eaten peripheral characters; let’s just say that the first three quarters of this film bear more than a passing resemblance to a certain iconic shark movie), they find one. A pterodactyl shows up at the end for the obligatory monster fight, and then the movie bursts into flames.


And they would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids.Apparently, the screenwriter had no idea what to do once he stopped copying Jaws; the last fifteen minutes consist solely of screams, roars and explosions. Also notable is the funky blaxploitation incidental music that plays during every single action sequence. The host segments are out of order. The second segment (a very funny skit where Joel pretends he’s been seized by a giant ten-year-old) refers to the “last sequence” when they made scale models and pretended to be huge. This doesn’t happen until the penultimate segment. Also funny is Tom’s addition to the robotic laws, “Annoy at all costs.”