More Christmas Cheer Than You Can Gronk a Grooooooooonnnnnk At

Welcome, won't you?

The Harry Potter Rifftrax review has been posted, but that's not the big news.

The big mclargehuge, double-dog, extra-crispy secret news is that this year's Christmas rifftrax will pertain to the long-buried and oft-reviled classic Star Wars Holiday Special.

"How will I get my hands on something that has never been commercially released?" you ask.

Well, I kinda got this link in an internet backalley from a suspiciously named Kiwi called "Bathtub." I fully expect Imperial Stormtroopers to break down my door any minute now.

Also: MST3K.com has finally updated. There's no new cartoon (thankfully), but the video section of the site now includes three old host segments from the original show, Seasons Four and Five. The MST3K.com guide has been updated accordingly.