Rifftrax 049-058

R049 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

R050 Plan 9 from Outer Space

R051 Batman and Robin

R052 Jurassic Park

R053 The Matrix Reloaded

R054 Beowulf

R055 Spider-Man 3

R056 Cloverfield

R057 I am Legend

R058 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Another five months or so, another chunk of ten. This section features Jurassic Park with guest riffer "Weird Al" Yankovic--the first guest famous enough to legitimately be called a "superstar". The riff is a bit uneven, but it's good enough that I'd like to hear more from him in the future. This section also features the first relatively obscure guest riffer, James Lileks. And by "relatively obscure" I mean that he is neither a television star nor an MST3K alumnus. He's not a bad choice though; Lilek's performance in the track for Spider-Man 3 is probably the best of any non-MST3K guest riffer thus far. Also noteworthy: this is the first section of ten to feature no solo riffs whatsoever. From here on in, it looks like Mike will always have someone riding shotgun.

Quality-wise, this section gets a firm B grade, with six out of ten tracks rated at an even three stars, with the other four working out at two stars (Cloverfield), two and a half stars (Beowulf), three and half stars (Spider-Man 3) and four stars (The Two Towers). The Two Towers works well in particular, with an affectionate riffing of an excellent film. If you can free up enough time to watch it, you will not feel it pass.