Rifftrax Video On Demand 001 to 010

RVOD001 Three Stooges in Color

RVOD002 Three Stooges Greatest Routines

RVOD003 Swing Parade

RVOD004 Reefer Madness

RVOD005 Little Shop of Horrors

RVOD006 Night of the Living Dead

RVOD007 Carnival of Souls

RVOD008 House on Haunted Hill

RVOD009 Plan 9 from Outer Space

RVOD010 Missile to the Moon

Before he was "Rifftrax Mike" and after he was "MST3K Mike" he was "Freelance Mike," a hired gun providing rogue commentaries to any DVD company willing to pay the price... Though, as far as I know, the only DVD company willing was purveyor of public domain movies (and Rifftrax parent company) Legend Films. Now Rifftrax has released a Video On Demand service combining Mike's commentaries with such films as are public domain. Simply rent or buy, download the Divx file, and enjoy! What better place to dust off those old pre-rifftrax commentaries? Go on, try three minutes worth of Drivers' Ed carnage for free.

Since the online Rifftrax catalog isn't providing me with an episode numbering system, I've invented my own. Pages for the films I've already reviewed as regular Rifftrax simply have links pointing back to the original reviews.