"Signal 30" Means "Large Roadkill"

Welcome, won't you?

I thought I had a day off, but those Rifftrax folks won't stop generating news.

To begin with, the first three minutes of the classic traffic education film Signal 30 have been made available for free from Rifftrax On Demand. I assume the rest of it will be available for sale at some point in the near future.

Second, Riff Raff Theater has somehow talked Mike, Kevin, and Bill into performing a commentary track of their own design for the legendary cinematic train wreck, Batman and Robin. That is, from their own design, as put together from the suggested quips of viewers like you. Follow this link and suggest a sarcastic comment or two. The eventual end result should turn out interesting.

Also, you might have noticed I've tweaked the site a little more. Ad space from Project Wonderful has been added and will (hopefully) eventually be filled. A donation button has been added too, you know, just in case...