You Have a Talent for Causing Things Pain

Welcome, won't you?

What is it about bad boys that makes all the girls go wild? James Dean (before he died), Henry Winkler (before he started appearing in Adam Sandler movies), and now Audrey Jr., the giant carnivorous plant with his own shapely teenage fan club. Watch the madness in the Rifftrax Video On Demand title, Little Shop of Horrors. (Not the strange little musical with Rick Moranis, the even stranger little comedy with Jonathan Haze. Read the review here.)

A correction to an earlier post: The classic Drivers' Ed film Signal 30 has not and will not be riffed in its entirety, probably due to the graphic nature of later scenes. The first three minutes is merely meant as a demo for Rifftrax On Demand. The Rifftrax VOD guide has been updated accordingly.

Also: The Rifftrax for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer came out today. I've got mine. Do you? (Have yours, I mean. Not mine. You can't have mine.)