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Note to Pirates:

Yes, my recent posts on the subject of Cinematic Titanic have been slightly snippy, but don’t mistake my tone. I love these guys. If I’m frustrated by the way they’ve (mis)handled their first release, it’s only because I really, really want them to succeed, and can’t help but wince every time they shoot themselves in the foot with missed release dates/high price points/botched rights issues/massive shipping delays.

This in no way suggests that I want you to rip them off. I participate in and even encourage internet filesharing where the material being shared is not commercially available, but this is not the case here. Let’s not kill the Golden Goose to get our hands on the very first egg. The sales figures for The Oozing Skull will determine whether or not we see more of this kind of thing from Joel and company in the future. I paid for my (as yet unshipped) copy, and if you want to see more of their work, I urge you to do the same.

So stop trying to brag (or worse, post instructions) about how you’re going to pirate this puppy when it finally arrives. Comments are moderated, and I won’t tolerate that kind of thing.