Haunted by Vincent Price and a Ghoulish-Looking Leprechaun Man, But Not by Ghosts

Welcome, won't you?

Next time an eccentric millionaire offers you a year's worth of wages to spend the night in a gloomy old mansion, here's a hint: don't go. Chances are, every last one of the survivors will be spending their earnings subsisting for the year they'll be sequestered to testify at the old man's trial.

Yes, I've finally reviewed the last Rifftrax On Demand title, House on Haunted Hill, posted here. This brings me up-to-date with everything currently released... Well, except for the new version of Plan 9, which isn't available on Video On Demand yet.

In other Rifftrax news, the next movie to get the treatment will be Joel Shumacher's ode to all things unholy, Batman and Robin, and will be available on Tuesday January 29, 2008. As you may recall from previous announcements, this is the one that was compiled for Mike and the gang by the minds behind RiffRaff Theater from the suggested quips of viewers like you. The result ought to be interesting at the very least.