Drag-Racing Organists and the Soggy Zombies Who Love Them

Welcome, won't you?

Now that my brother-in-law has returned to the far-off wilds of Utah (and I'm not watching movies with him every night) I can turn my attention back to the remaining Rifftrax On Demand titles. On his way home, he will probably drive past the formerly abandoned amusement park featured in today's selection, the 1962 cult classic Carnival of Souls. Read the review here.

Also, close of business is fast approaching, and I still have not received notice of shipping for The Oozing Skull. Forum denizens are reporting deductions from their credit cards, though. Are we finally going to get our first glimpse of Cinematic Titanic?

Update: I just got my emailed shipping confirmation from DVD Wagon, so yes we are.