Pop Goes the Weasel!

Welcome, won't you?

MST3K.com has updated with two new host segments... er, new to the site, anyway. One of them features "I Say Hello!", one of my favorite songs from the show. The "Legacy Videos" Guide has been updated accordingly.

Also: The most unintentionally homoerotic family film ever made now has a Rifftrax. Purchase and download the fan-written commentary for Batman and Robin today! I'll post a review later this week.

Also, also: The three-riffer version of Plan 9 from Outer Space has still not been released in Video On Demand form. My highly placed sources within Rifftrax... well, okay, that one guy who works there and occasionally posts in the forum says they're still waiting for the people at Divx to encrypt it and upload it to their server. Thus my review will be delayed a little longer.