The Digital Archive Project: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Please use responsibly.  Seriously, if you kill Cinematic Titanic with piracy, I will hunt you down, man.Welcome, won't you?

Yes, internet file-sharing is an unholy practice, and the programs that allow it are tools of the devil, but sometimes your favorite show just isn't otherwise available--or worse, due to a set of complicated rights issues, will never be otherwise available. For situations such as these we have The Digital Archive Project, a tireless group of men and women dedicated to keeping every unreleasable episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 alive on the web through the magic of eDonkey.

What's that you say? eDonkey is dead, and has been dead for years? Fear not, gentle reader. Fire up those bittorrent clients and click here to see how the DAP has finally embraced the future of file-sharing.

Please note that my position on the use of this program to pirate commercially available releases has not, and will not change. I'm trusting you all to use your bittorrent abilities for good, and not for evil.