Concerning Certain Potential Items That Could Possibly Be Considered Merchandise At Some Point In The Future

Trace's Bait and Time Tube shop.Welcome, won't you?

Two very small news items on the docket today.

First: Trace Beaulieu over at Cinematic Titanic has posted the following:

You have asked for merchandise and I am proud to announce that we are having some. We have some.

There will be some.

Now I’m not going to make any promises, (a feller could get in a pickle you know) but we will be offering a limited amount of stuff, from this website in the near future.
In the future.
The not too distant future.
Sometime between now, and a later date that has yet to be determined.
Definitely in the soonish area I would think, but not when you might expect it.
The rest of his post is only slightly more informative, hinting at such items as cast photos and T-shirts. Still, good to know.

Second: The previously described alteration of the Digital Archive Project's affairs is now official, with many of the initial difficulties ironed out. If you're looking for unreleased episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, do yourselves a favor. Ignore the bootleggers and get them here for free.