Introducing My Good Friend Misc.

Not a city in Russia.Welcome, won't you?

We (meaning I) strive for inclusiveness here at War of the Colossal Fan Guide. That's why we've made an effort to review each and every episode of MST3K and it's progeny. Some of it's progeny are unstoppable juggernauts of funny, some are not, and some are inbetween. Still others are very, very small--too small to garner much attention even when they were released.

Is this any reason to leave them out? Of course not. Is it any reason to lump them together in a big pile we'll call by the unimaginative title, "Miscellaneous"? Yes. Yes, it is.

Thus far the Miscellaneous section consists only of MST3K.com (now demoted for its recent refusal to update and general all-around crappiness) and the short-lived but brilliant internet series Edward The Less. Other mini/miscellaneous guides will follow as I get around to them.