Regarding Foolish Dreams We Hope Will Someday Become Reality

The first three rendered spacecraft with captioned narration are pretty cool, but the Darkstar website has more than three hundred of these.  Just give me the damn game already!Welcome, won't you?

Wherefore art thou Rifftrax? There's only been one major release this month. What gives? I'm going to have to lower my monthly Rifftrax budget.

Speaking of waiting, the next Cinematic Titanic release was speculated to be out around the end of March. We're pretty close to that now, and they haven't even started filming it yet, so we can pretty much assume that this tentative deadline is blown. We know they're working on it though, and we know they've booked a hall for another live show in October. Maybe we'll have another episode by then.

But, bad as the Cinematic Titanic people are about deadlines, they're nothing compared to Parallax Studios. Darkstar has been in production since at least 2003, and there's still nothing that even hints at imminent release. Just in case, I've added an entry for it to the Miscellaneous section.