Regarding Stars of Darker Hue

A diagram of the Millenium Darkstar.Welcome, won't you?

After posting a stub with basic information about the eternally incomplete MST3K alumni-heavy video game Darkstar a month or so ago, I pretty much figured I'd be leaving it to molder there untouched for the next year or two. But, surprise of surprises, their website has actually updated. Click here, select the bandwidth option that applies to you, and click on "News" to see for yourself.

Even more surprising: the update is both lengthy and substantive, detailing everything that's done and everything that isn't. So... they'll be done in no more than a decade, tops.

(Kidding, guys. Don't throw things at me.)

Also, during this trip to the website I noticed something amidst the jumbled navigation interface that I hadn't before. A handy prospectus, with what looks like the clearest overview of the project I've seen so far. Needs to be updated though. It still lists the release date as Christmas 2005...