Halloween in May

How I wish this movie was really about chainsaw sculptures.Welcome, won't you?

Let's see. Two new Rifftrax available yesterday, with two others announced. Yet another was announced today. Strangely, the Kevin and Bill riff of the horror blockbuster Saw will be released on May 13, 2008--a full two weeks before the titles they announced yesterday. Also, regular Rifftrax will apparently continue unabated, as May 14, 2008 will see the announcement of the next official Mike-riffed feature. Confused yet? Perhaps I should have made a timeline. Or better yet, here's a list:

May 8, 2008: Kevin/Bill commentary for Star Trek fan flick World Enough and Time, and Matthew Elliott commentary for repackaged Japanese horror flick Dark Water released.

May 13, 2008: Kevin/Bill commentary for convoluted sadism flick Saw to be released.

May 14, 2008: Identity of the next film to receive a Mike commentary will be announced.

On or about May 20, 2008: Next Mike commentary released.

May 28, 2008: Kevin/Bill commentary for Star Trek fan flick To Serve All My Days and Matthew Elliott commentary for dumbed-down remake horror flick House of Wax released.

Looks like it's going to be a busy month, and one tilted heavily towards horror. Not my favorite genre, but one that flies truer to the film selection of Mike et al.'s Mystery Science Theater 3000 days. I've given Rifftrax Presents its own section of the Fan Guide, but I'm waiting to see how the Rifftrax people settle their catalog situation before I settle on a numbering scheme. If they mix the non-Mike releases into the general Rifftrax population, I will probably end up doing the same.

Also: Something I missed before was the previously riffed Troll 2's addition to the Video On Demand catalog. This has been corrected in the guide, with the last few On Demand releases renumbered accordingly. Those of you who haven't already enjoyed this hard-to-find but exuberantly awful horror/fantasy should give it a try.