Jim, the Eighties Called. They Want Their Slang Back.

A reenactment of the first Thanksgiving.Welcome, won't you?

An announcement from Best Brains, via The Satellite News:

Coming in early June: a newly revamped official MST3K site!
Watch those potholes! Best Brains, Inc. is busy with spring construction, as this June we are rolling out a new look for our website. With some of the best ‘Bot riffing ever, classic host-segments, rad musical numbers–and future surprises–Joel, Mike, and the gang will be gracing the net in style!
Seeing as how "Joel, Mike and the gang" are all quite busy with other projects these days, that line probably means they've abandoned their designs on original material to go with material from the original series. The "best 'Bot riffing ever" bit is encouraging, though. Hopefully this means clips of film segments or (dare we hope?) streaming episodes. We'll just have to wait and see.